O`zbekiston Respublikasi, Navoiy viloyati, Karmana tumani, "Navoiy" Erkin Iqtisodiy Zonasi

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O`zbekiston Respublikasi, Navoiy viloyati, Karmana tumani, "Navoiy" Erkin Iqtisodiy Zonasi

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About us


According to the results of the international conference "Free Economic Zone in Navoi, new investment opportunities," March 25, 2009 Order of the President leaves the Republic of Uzbekistan № 3147, and after that - Order of the Uzbek Agency of Communication and Informatization number 107 of 1.04.2009, under which decided to organize the territory of the Free Economic Zone "Navoi". 
With this historical moment originates our company - «TELECOM INNOVATIONS».
Today the company, just follow its name, seeks to present every customer the most recent advances in the field of electronic communications technology and the proof of this - the very nomenclature of our products. Digital television receiver (Set Top Box) three species, ranging from the very simple and including model HD, capable of receiving both open and closed channels of digital broadcasting encoding Irdeto 2, CI + and external ADSL modems with support for ADSL2+, ANDROID SMART TV BOX, HOME GATEWAY routers IPTV STB and Multiplexers - DSLAM on different ports - that's the same list that we have the honor to offer you at this time with a high degree of certainty for the right choice.

Looking to the future, we promise for innovation continue to strive to win the trust of the most sophisticated consumer to meet all his needs and desires, embodied in the products of our company under the trademark «TELECOM INNOVATIONS»
The word Telecom Innovations in English the telecommunications innovation, more innovative technologies in the field of telecommunications equipment.

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