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O`zbekiston Respublikasi, Navoiy viloyati, Karmana tumani, "Navoiy" Erkin Iqtisodiy Zonasi

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Quality control

Quality control

In order to increase the competitiveness of the enterprise, meet the needs and desires of consumers, as well as to increase the level of localization and expansion of production of import-substituting products, an international quality management system has been introduced.

The production of high-quality and secure telecommunications equipment based on the needs and desires of consumers and gaining confidence in the joint venture, creating favorable conditions for them.
In order to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, the maximum satisfaction of the requirements and expectations of customers, as well as expansion of localization of production (production of import-substituting products), in 2013 a company has implemented a Quality Management System (QMS) according to the international standard ISO 9001 version 2008. Guide undertakes to analyze and continually improve the effectiveness of the QMS in order to maintain it in working condition and the continuous improvement of the company.
Nowadays, work is under way to implement the Quality Management System for the international standards ISO-9001: 2015

The main principles of the quality control policy of  LLC JV "TELECOM INNOVATIONS";
ployees, high salaries are the main goals of  LLC JV "TELECOM INNOVATIONS ".
• Ensuring the quality of supplies of components, raw materials and materials, technological equipment;
• Continuous improvement of knowledge and skills of employees, managers and specialists, improvement of business cooperation, financial support, commitment and accountability;
• Organization of system production management;
• Full control over the development process, prevention and monitoring of identified non-conformities;
• Studying and constant monitoring of inquiries and wishes of consumers;
• Studying the experience of leading manufacturers, introducing new concepts based on modern principles of joint activities.

In order to achieve the main goals of  LLC JV "TELECOM INNOVATIONS", the enterprise management will carry out the following activities:
• Provision of high-quality services during the operation of the supplied product based on the needs and wishes of consumers;
• Conquering consumer confidence in meeting customer needs;
• To win the trust of partners in the domestic and foreign markets as a result of constant quality improvement;
• Mutually beneficial and active cooperation with suppliers;
• Organization of systematic training and qualitative knowledge of personnel for production based on the requirements of international standards;
• Expansion of the geography of domestic and foreign markets as a result of constant updating and increase in output;
• Implement Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of international standards ISO-9001;
• Clarification of the essence and importance of QMS, entered into a joint venture by all employees;
• Encourage staff to increase productivity;
• Production of high-quality products, taking into account the requirements and wishes of customers.
• Timely consideration of consumers' appeals;
• Implementation of a quality management system and continuous improvement of the quality management system based on ISO 9001.
The quality of the product is a guarantee of the development of the enterprise and the basis for improving the living conditions of employees 

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