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O`zbekiston Respublikasi, Navoiy viloyati, Karmana tumani, "Navoiy" Erkin Iqtisodiy Zonasi

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Business Development

Business Development

To fulfill the purpose of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. PP-1072 dated March 12, 2009, the LLC JV "TELECOM INNOVATIONS" was established.
The founders of the enterprise are JSC "Uzbektelecom", corporation "ZTE", "Servetechno. PTE.LTD "and PP" Telmax Elektroniks ".
Initially, the DVB-T digital TV set-top box production was assigned.

In cooperation with ZTE, ADSL2 + modems were manufactured for DSLAM equipment for broadband networks, as well as for IPTV Set-Top-Box, and then Home Gateway equipment was launched.

Starting from 2015, in cooperation with the company "Servetechno. PTE.LTD "mastered the production of the prefix ANDROID SMART TV BOX.
Since 2016, together with the "Servetechno. PTE.LTD ", the optical elements Patchkord and Pigtail, which can be used as a component of DSLAM telecommunications equipment, are launched.
In order to increase the level of localization in a joint venture, all types of packaging components are installed, stickers and logos on telecommunication devices, local programming in the Latin alphabet and preparation of instructions.

The joint venture "TELECOM INNOVATIONS" successfully cooperates with the national operator of JSC "Uzbektelecom" and other domestic operators.

In order to increase the competitiveness of the enterprise, meet the needs and desires of consumers, as well as to increase the level of localization in the production of goods and expand the production of import-substituting products, the International Quality Management System was introduced.

From year to year a growing range of products. In addition, the development of the production of new types of telecommunications equipment and modernization of production is one of the most important tasks facing the joint venture. This year the joint venture is developing the introduction of production of optical couplings for various fiber-optic networks.

In addition to the production of these optical couplings, it is also planned to produce plastic enclosures of the above-mentioned devices.

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