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O`zbekiston Respublikasi, Navoiy viloyati, Karmana tumani, "Navoiy" Erkin Iqtisodiy Zonasi

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Basics of economic development of JV "TELECOM INNOVATIONS"

Basics of economic development of JV "TELECOM INNOVATIONS"
Since the establishment of JV "TELECOM INNOVATIONS" LLC, there has been constant work on the development of production of various types of telecommunications equipment. The constant diversification of production, the introduction of a quality control policy, meeting the needs and wishes of customers determines the future of each enterprise.
Of course, the stability of economic development depends on the location of the enterprise and the infrastructure of the region. As a fact, that the enterprise is located on the territory of the Free Economic Zone "Navoi", and this gives more privileges. The developed transport logistics structure, the availability of a high raw material base, the location of the position in the center of trade between China and Europe, the availability of a high resource base for neighboring countries, the location in the middle of our Republic and a number of the international airport "Navoi". The presence of international cargo terminals CARGO, administrative and financial centers, near the international highway M-37, as well as the railway station "Karmana."
Development and achievement of economic stability are one of the most important goals of the joint venture.

Principles of economic development of the joint venture "TELECOM INNOVATIONS":
• Production of products based on the requirements and wishes of the customer;
• Carry out a deep marketing policy, develop business plans and achieve goals;
• Continuous modernization of production, development of production of modern telecommunications equipment;
• Use reliable and energy-saving technologies.
• Production of cheap, high-quality and energy-efficient products that preserve the specifics and advantages of the product;
• Constant monitoring of accounting and other documents, business management on the basis of systematic and convenient management;
• Continuous expansion of the geography of relationships, ensuring a steady increase in the number of clients and mutually beneficial cooperation;
• Creation of reliable services taking into account any complaints and complaints from customers;
• Constant care of the personnel.
Currently, the joint venture is constantly working on economic development, expanding production and attracting new partners. Participate in international and local exhibitions and events.
Using all the created opportunities, all employees of the joint venture are diligent and make efforts to promote the development of this expensive country.

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