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Achievments of our company

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LLC JV "TELECOM INNOVATIONS" was established in 2010 in the territory of the Free Economic Zone (SEZ) "Navoi" in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

LLC JV "TELECOM INNOVATIONS" is one of the largest suppliers of telecommunication equipment in Uzbekistan. The joint venture successfully cooperates with the national operator of Uzbekistan, JSC "Uzbektelecom" and other local operators in Uzbekistan.

Since 2011 in the LLC  JV "TELECOM INNOVATIONS". the production of the Set-Top-Box set-top boxes on the DVB-T standard has been started.

Since 2012, together with the corporation "ZTE CORPORATION", the production of ADSL modems and broadband access equipment DSLAM has been started.

Since 2013, together with the corporation "ZTE CORPORATION", has started the production of IPTV Set-Top-Box 
Since 2014, together with the corporation "ZTE CORPORATION", has been started production of Home Gateway equipment.
Since 2015, together with the company "Servetechno PTE. LTD.", has started The production of the ANDROID SMART TV BOX.
Since 2016, together with the company "Servetechno PTE. LTD.",  was started production of optical elements Pigtail and Patchcord.

Currently, the most urgent issue for LLC JV "TELECOM INNOVATIONS" is the development of the production of new types of telecommunications equipment and also the development and modernization of the products.

Priority is given to setting up the production of a wide range of high-tech products that are competitive in world markets through the introduction of modern high-performance equipment and machinery, technological lines and modules, and innovative technologies.

The company plans to expand the range of manufactured telecommunications equipment, localization and production of components for the products.

The staff of LLC JV "TELECOM INNOVATIONS" consists of qualified managers and technologists. The company follows the principles of management: honest business and quality, and sets its main task - to meet the expectations of customers.

The brand of "TELECOM INNOVATIONS" joint venture is, above all, a national brand. It contains the concept of manufacturing telecommunications equipment with high quality and modern design. Our equipment is in no way inferior both in quality and in technical characteristics in comparison with analogues of foreign production, and are presented at a very favorable price. Telecommunication equipment of LLC JV "TELECOM INNOVATIONS" is very practical, convenient for users.

In order to increase the competitiveness of the enterprise, to maximize the satisfaction of customers' requirements and expectations, and to expand the scope of localization of production (production of import-substituting products), the Quality Management System (QMS) was introduced in the enterprise in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001 version 2008 and O'z DSt ISO 9001: 2009. Management undertakes to analyze and continuously improve the effectiveness of QMS in order to maintain it in working order and continuously improve the company's operations.

In 2015, LLC JV TELECOMINNOVATIONS  was awarded the International QualityCrown Award (IQC) in the field of Leadership, Quality and Excellence.
The decision to award the award is the result of research and analysis conducted by QualityHunters (Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Experts in the field of quality) under the guidance of BusinessInitiativedirections (BID), and is intended to reward the achievements of LLC JV "TELECOMINNOVATIONS" in the field of Leadership, Quality and Excellence.

BID annually conduct conventions and congresses in Paris, London, Madrid, Geneva, Frankfurt and New York. Leaders, experts and representatives of the company from 116 countries of the world, for nine months in the field of Quality and Excellence cast their votes for LLC JV "TELECOMINNOVATIONS" and the enterprise was awarded the IQC Gold Crown nomination.


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