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ADSL2+ modem

ADSL2+ modem
It supports high-speed ADSL2 + and is backward compatible with ADSL and ADSL2. With a speed of up to 24Mbps (ADSL2 +), or 12Mbps (ADSL2), then TIDSL-1401 offers higher data speeds and better bandwidth than traditional ADSL-Gateways. Users can enjoy broadband multimedia applications much easier than before. 

TIDSL-1401, being ADSL modem with the ability to route, has the following characteristics:

• Provides high-speed ADSL access on a normal telephone line
• Supports multi-channel regimes (self-adapting lines)
• More reliable, simple operation and low power consumption
• Supports bridge mode and Router
• Supports a built-in PPPoE function set
• Supports Network Address Translation (NAT)
• Supports DHCP server
• Supports UPnP function
• Supports quick configuration
• Backs up the configuration files to the local computer, or load a saved configuration file to TIDSL-1401.
• Supports multi-channel regimes (self-adapting lines).
• Provides an interface 10 / 100Base-T Ethernet
• More reliable, simple operation and low power consumption.
• Direct inclusion and use without configuration
• Supports 64 PVCs
1. Use one RJ11 cable (corresponding to the TIDSL-1401 package) to connect the LINE port on the splitter to the RJ-11 port (on the telephone wall jack) on the wall.
2. Use one more RJ11 cable (corresponding to the TIDSL-1401 package) to connect the MODEM (or ADSL) port of the splitter to the LINE port on the Gateway.
3. Use the third RJ11 cable (optional if the user wants to use the phone in parallel) to connect the phone to the PHONE (or TEL) port on the splitter.
4. Connect the Ethernet port of the Gateway to the computer port 10 / 100BASE-T using the network cable that comes with the modem.
5. Connect the power cable and turn on the power.
6. If you do not want to use the Internet and the phone at the same time, please connect only the LINE port of the gateway to the RJ-11 (telephone wall socket) port on the wall using a telephone cable. In this case, there is no need for a splitter.

Connection procedures
1. Turn off the power to the unit before connecting all other devices.
2. Connect the network cables: plug the Ethernet connector of the RJ-45 cable into the Ethernet interface TIDSL-1401, and connect its other terminals with the Ethernet adapter of the user's computers or the ports of other network devices.
3. Connect the splitter
The splitter has three interfaces, which are described as follows:
- LINE: Connect the user's telephone cable (RJ11 interface).
- MODEM (or ADSL): Connect the DSL interface of the TIDSL-1401.
- PHONE (or TEL): Connect the telephones.
Installation process: Connect the LINE interface of the TIDSL-1401 with the MODEM (or ADSL) interface on the splitter using the RJ-11 telephone cable, connect the telephone line to the PHONE (or TEL) interface on the splitter, and then connect the user's telephone cable port with the interface LINE on the splitter.
4. Power connection
Connect one terminal of the power adapter from the POWER interfaces on the TIDSL-1704W, and the other terminal with a wall outlet, and then turn on the power of the TIDSL-1401.

Check all connecting cables
Check all connecting cables according to the following procedure.
1. Check the DSL cable connections
If the DSL indicator is on, when the TIDSL-1401 power is on, this means that the DSL line is correctly connected (usually one or two minutes are required for DSL connection).
2. Check the computer connections
If both LEDs, LINK on the computer adapter and Ethernet on the TIDSL-1401 are green, this means that the computer and the TIDSL-1401 are correctly connected.
3. Check the connection of the telephone cable.
The telephone cable is properly connected, if the received phone calls are normal and do not contain noise. And the phone will not be affected, regardless of whether TIDSL-1401 is on or off.


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